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FRP Glass Fiber Pultrusion Molding Product

FRP Glass Fiber Pultrusion Molding Product

Quick Details: 1. High Strength, Tenacity, and Modulus 2. High Corrosion Resistance 3. UV Resistance 4. Electromagnetic Transparency 5. Electrical & Thermal Non-Conductivity 6. Applicability under Wide Temperature Range Application : 1) Outdoor activities: Tent Pole, Kite Rod, Arrow shaft,...

Product Details

FRP Glass fiber pultrusion molding product

Quick Details:

  • Light Weight - Less Density - 20% Of Steel; 70% Of Aluminum

  • High Strength And Insulating Values

  • High Corrosion Resistance

  • UV Resistant Inhibited

  • Variety Of Colors For Choice

  • Superior Dimensional Stability

  • Wide Temperature Range Use

  • Consistent Cross Section

  • Lasting Performance

  • Good Tenacity

  • Excellent Structural Properties

  • Environmentally Safe

  • Non-Conductive Thermally And Electrically

  • Dimensional Stability

  • Non-Magnetic Electromagnetic

  • Ease Of Fabrication & Installation



  • Automotive

  • Chemical Processing

  • Construction

  • Duct rod / Fish rods

  • Electrical / Utility

  • Recreation

  • Corrosion Resistant Equipment Marine

  • Sporting Goods

  • Oil & Gas

  • Petrochemical

  • Power Generation

  • Window Shades

  • Wastewater Treatment

  • Advertising Panels

  • Antennas


Fiberglass I Beam

Colorful Fiberglass Profile.jpg

Fiberglass U Beam

Fiberglass L beam.jpg

Fiberglss L Beam

201803211737516881425.jpgFiberglass Rod 

Fiberglass tree stakes





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